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A systematic approach to full-body, functional strength training & movement restoration.



Singapore | Wed 7 Dec (9am-4pm) + Thur 8 Dec (9am-4pm)

Early Bird $670 | Retail Price $790

Save $120 when you book before 30th September 2022

As a KLT Level One Course Participant You Will:

✓ Learn how to design and deliver highly effective, time-efficient functional strength training programs by utilising an integrated approach to human anatomy and biomechanics.

✓ Explore motor skills and exercises that are fully transferable across a wide spectrum of clients, including: rehabilitation, occupational conditioning, general fitness or sports performance.

✓ Train integrated full-body movement patterns in three dimensions (including KLT's 24 distinct movement patterns) which follow myofascial lines and respect the kinetic link principle.

✓ Master the performance of a selection of biomechanically-balanced, innovative workouts, including full-body workouts, focus workouts and bands-only workouts - designed for both home-based and facility-based training.

✓ Utilise high-quality resources which are designed to assist you in the immediate, successful and profitable delivery of functional strength training services to clients.


Wayne is a sports and exercise physiotherapist, functional strength coach & highly experienced international course presenter with over 30 years of clinical experience. He has been a sports physiotherapist for several national and international sports teams including the Australian Netball team & the Australian Commonwealth Games team. Wayne has a special interest in the effective utilisation of functional strength training within allied health clinics and exercise businesses. When designing and delivering professional development courses he has a strong focus on providing evidence-based, highly systematic approaches to assessment & client management - with a significant component of all his courses dedicated to the acquisition and mastery of practical skills.


" If you only do one professional development course this year - then this must be it. Possibly the best PD course I have attended in my 17 year career.”
Jenny P - Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist

“Thanks for another fantastic course. It has fully opened up my mind to what effective functional strength training really involves. I am super excited to bring kinetic link training to all my clients - I know they will see huge benefits.”
Joe S - Exercise Physiologist

“ Thank you for your tremendous energy, passion and knowledge. The KLT-1 course content was so
well presented with plenty of research to back up the principles - and I loved how practical the weekend was - I also appreciated your exact eye for detail and availability at all times for questions ... an awesome course!"
Kirsten R - Physiotherapist + Exercise Physiologist

“What a brilliant weekend of learning, your training approach was truly a breath of fresh air. Learning your KLT systems has also really helped me to feel confident about where I would like to take my career in the future, so thanks heaps.”
Jennifer K - Fitness Professional

“I really enjoyed the course last weekend - heaps of really useful information and exercises and really well thought out. I can see that there are years of experience, knowledge and research gone into the creation of this approach to functional strength training. And having a full bank of exercises and progressions is really useful in giving clients a road map of development. I have used KLT with quite a number of patients already.”
Owen D - Fitness Professional

“I must say that your course has been one of the most inspiring and motivating courses I have completed so far in my health and fitness career.”
Juliane M - Sports Physiotherapist
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Functional Training Institute - All Rights Reserved 2022 | 2 Serangoon Road, Tekka Place, #02-17/18/19/20/21

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