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Nelson Chong

CEO & Founder of FTI

Nelson Chong is not an uncommon name in the Functional Training Industry. With almost 3 decades of enviable experience in the field of functional training and fitness along with an award-winning methodology, Nelson has been more than a pair of healing hands to many. He also recently bagged the Best Personal Trainer Award for Fitness Best Asia 2021.


As the backbone of FTI, Nelson plays multiple roles to ensure his clients receive the best service and seeks opportunities to improve the business’s modus operandi. Nelson is constantly motivated to curate and improvise his training modules for both his team and clients. One of his most popular creations is the Dual Zone Myofascial Release module and the globally raved DZMR therapy balls.


Equipped with an engineering mind and a personal trainer’s heart, he can produce solutions that his clients’ need. He is also sought after for his solutions and mentorship globally in countries like India, Philippines, Taiwan and China. His areas of expertise include, chronic and acute musculoskeletal pain, sports injury and sports performance, pre- and post-surgery rehabilitation, fitness training for children, adults, seniors and also pre- and post-natal training.


If you’re looking to train with the cream of the crop, Nelson is the coach your heart desires.

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