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Karen Goh

Managing Director & Co-Founder of FTI

Karen Goh wears many hats in Functional Training Institute. As our co-founder, she lays at the heart of daily operations, as our creative genius; she constantly seeks opportunities for new sustainable growth. She is dedicated to make FTI a fitness and wellness empire by “Singaporean for Singaporean”


As a personal trainer with over two decades of experience, Karen has helped many individuals with chronic pain and bodily dysfunctions live a pain-free life. Some of her area of specialisation includes Post Surgery-Trauma Rehab, Pre-Post and Perinatal Programs, Medical Rehabilitation Pilates, and Fat Loss Programs.


Karen is intuitive, she knows just what to give her clients on any given day: a listening ear, an-old fashioned ass-kicking training, a refined training strategy and everything else in between.

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