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Ileane Ng

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Ileane is a passionate and devoted rehab and functional trainer, specializing in functional training, pole dancing and mobility training.

With a diverse training background in various dance forms, she has wowed audiences around the world with her captivating and expressive movements.

Her passion for treating pain at FTI is inspired by her pole teaching, and wanting to help her students, clients and anyone in pain, perform beautiful and strong movements safely and injury-free. Seeing the physical and gruelling environments dancers go through, inspires Ileane's training to work on recovery and healing for muscle longevity.

By combining her extensive knowledge of dance techniques with an understanding of body mechanics, Ileane crafts personalised rehab programs tailored to individuals striving to achieve their personal goals!

Her patient and empathetic approach creates a nurturing environment enabling her clients to rebuild their confidence, strength and agility.

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