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Hydration Secrets For Peak Performance, Better Health & Pain Management

Listen in as Asia's Top Trainer 2021, Mr. Nelson Chong explains how water can impact your health, goals, and family.

26th July 2022
8PM - 9PM

Drinking Water at Gym
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Meet Your Instructor


Mr. Nelson Chong

Asia's Top Trainer 2021,

Founder & CEO of Functional Fitness Institute

During the webinar, you will have the opportunity to ask Mr. Nelson Chong all the burning questions that you have about your body pain and performance

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How Important is Staying Hydrated?

Everyone knows that water helps to keep the body healthy, but most of the people don't know why.

Why You Have Brain Fog Often

→ Your brain can't function well if you're dehydrated
→ Lack of water can cause kidney failure
→ Your skin appearance can also suffer due to dehydration

What You Will Learn

1. Why proper hydration can improve your health such as normalizing your high blood pressure. 

2. How water can amazingly reduce your chronic pain without drugs & supplements. 

3. Many other unknown benefits that have proven to improve your daily peak performance.

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